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(victoria lee)
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2/26/2008 10:47 pm
離婚 - Divorce

請評論. 謝謝.

What happens when a Chinese woman discovers her husband is cheating on her? It all depends on where she comes from.

The Beijing wife goes to a private detective and gives him 2,000 yuan to collect evidence that her husband is cheating on her. After one week, the husband receives a court summons telling him his wife wants a divorce. In the end, the husband is found to be guilty and all of his assets go to his wife

The Shanghai wife goes to the beauty parlor for a perm, then gets a facial done and buys some sexy underwear. That night she lights some candles and makes dinner. Altogether, she spends 400 yuan. After her husband gets home that night and sees his sexy wife, his jaw drops down so low you could put an egg in his mouth, and deeply regrets what he did. He swears he won’t let her leave him for his whole life. After one week his wife writes an essay entitled “How can I keep my cheating husband?” which is published in a magazine, and she gets a 500 yuan payment.

The Guangdong wife dresses seductively and calls up her first love. “Hi, do you still remember me? I’m so lonely, and am free tonight. Her husband continues his affair, as does the wife, and both are content.

The Sichuan wife gets up and cleans the house until it’s spotless, then washes and folds her husband’s clothes, and leaves a note for him telling him to remember to take his medicine. She goes to her mother’s house. Later the husband realizes his mistake and goes to his mother-in-law’s begging forgiveness, and swears to his wife that if she returns with him they will live happily ever after.

The Hunan wife sharpens both of the big chopping knives in the house, and decides to face him holding one in front and one in back. She says to herself, “Either the fish will die or the net will break.” Later the husband returns home to her like a good little boy.

The Shanxi wife gets up, rolls up her sleeves, and goes into the kitchen. Usually she can eat four ounces of noodle soup and a fried cake, but today she devours one pound of noodle soup and ten fried cakes. After finishing eating, the wife rubs her big belly, lies on the bed, and wails: “How will I go on living? It’s up to you. The husband does not divorce her because he had an affair, but because a half a year later she is as fat as a pig.

The Northeastern Wife returns, crying to her mother’s home, and tells her brother about the affair. Her brother calls her aunt’s brother and uncle’s brother. They arrive wielding clubs and wait along the road to the husband’s house. Later the bruised husband goes to court wanting a divorce. Negotiations come to nothing, and the court rules in favor of a divorce, with the assets being split in half, and the wife having to pay for the husband’s medical bill.

The Shandong wife gets up and runs over to her husband’s office yelling and crying, and tells everybody about her husband’s affair with their “home-wrecker” co-worker, and the company agrees to deal with the matter. Later they divorce, and the husband marries his young co-worker one year later.

The Hebei wife gets up and goes to her mother’s home. She leaves behind a note saying, “take care,” and “give me 200,000 yuan if you don’t want to divorce.”

Warm_and_nice 64M
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3/2/2008 4:22 am


As ever you come back with words of wisdom . I hope nanimiel has succeeded has succeeded in ditching the deadly weed.

I have been waiting for that "right moment" for a long time now, but I feel it will be more difficult while I am living alone. The "boredom" factor.

I did manage to give up for 3 months some years ago, but I was so insufferable that our project leader at work (who was extremely anti-smoking) turned round to me one day and said "for ****'s sake Tom, have a fag !!"... and I did....

(Note: for any American reader who does not comprehend... the word "fag" in our version of English means "cigarette" not.... )

I think I was just "cresting the hill" at the time, in that I was just reaching the point where it was going to become easier, but the opportunity was gone.

I've tried the patch... they're soooo hard to light

I bought two large packs of the gum last year, but it tastes revolting and makes me acid.

I'll do my own blog post about it so that we can free Vicky of our ramblings, and maybe somebody can come up with something that "works for me".

Thank you darling

May your God go with you.

Warm_and_nice 64M
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2/29/2008 5:33 pm

Oh rejoicefrance, I guessed that was a joke, but don't tease me...

Seriously, I do struggle with that since my accident

The cuisine in France, itself, is totally incomparable to anything else in the world. Such beauty. Such finesse. I love it.

I am an unmitigated Francophile as far as food is concerned, always have been. Remind me to tell you about the "Rice Brick" one day. It's a funny story, but I have to admit it involves alcohol (Calvados)... perhaps you had to be there !?1?1?

The "pollution" you mentioned near Paris... may I venture to suggest it is like the pollution near Cherbourg ?

You and I live in a society which is based on petrol (gasoline). France is very diesel oriented. When I first arrived in Cherbourg (even though I was used to driving a diesel car) all I could smell was diesel fumes. After a couple of days touring Normandy the sensation subsided. Upon my return to Portsmouth in England some two weeks later, all I could smell was petrol (gasoline) fumes. One's perception of differences is down to "familiarity".

This is why I get very angry when people walk past me and "cough" deliberately when they smell my cigarette smoke (Oh God... I wish I didn't smoke). These are the same people who drove their cars into town... but they do not notice the smell of the petrol (gasoline) fumes, because it is around them all the time.

And I am killing them just because they walked past my cigarette smoke ?!?! I don't think so ! Are they killing other people's children when they sit at traffic lights pouring their (un-noticed) fumes straight onto the pavement ? Yes !!!

I would love to give up smoking... it's the worst habit I have (among many)... but please don't blame me for other peoples' cancers and such, when they are most probably greater polluters of the atmosphere than I am by driving into town in their 4x4's on the "school run" !!!

Wow... have we got away from the issue of Vicky's blog post here ?

But as a total aside... (as we're going there anyway)... I had the complete misfortune to spend a week in Denver once, the week before Christmas. The most irresponsible and inaccurate thing I have ever heard in my life was on whichever of the local radio stations that I was tuned into in the mornings. There had been an unseasonallly warm spell (which had REALLY pi**ed off all the skiers who had been heading to the Rockies... ha ha ) for about two weeks, and from my hotel room in the south of the city (11th floor) I could see the smog hanging over the city. Would you believe that some moron on the radio station actually said,... "The smog that is over the city today is caused by this sunshine that we have."....

Excuse me..... !!!! ????

No, you moron.... "Smog" is caused by the fumes exhausted by the internal combustion engine, of which there were many thousands patrolling the inner city areas over that period, being played upon by a perfectly natural (if unseasonal) phenomenon called sunlight.

I have this horrible feeling that the moron is probably still in a job... which is why I will never go back to Denver.

You have a good evening... I'll catch you tomorrow.

Big hugs.

May your God go with you.

Warm_and_nice 64M
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2/29/2008 9:48 am

    Quoting rejoicefrance:
    Hi... Mr. Nice....

    Oooopsss !!!! I dont agree with you about the french patisseries. they are good and healthy. Dont worry about my weights. I need to gain 2 to 3 lbs anyway. But I want to keep it this way so that I will be able to manage it when I breath too much of the oxygen which might pump up my dimension.

    If you come to USA, you must bring your own mask with UK air. From my own experience, this is how I survive these years without having problem of weights. Just be careful not to breath hard. but do it once in a while, it should work for you, too. trust meeeee !!!!!

    If you pass out or need help. Dont be shy , just go ahead and ask Nikon, he is a physician. Do you know that ????Once again, you need to give us another tip for the infos I provide . right or wrong ????

    Bon appetit

    God Bless
Hmmm... thanks for the warning rejoicefrance. Having experienced the east coast without suffering any long-term effects of polluted air I had vaguely assumed that the US was safe for human habitation. Perhaps the fact that the population of the US is becoming increasingly obese is due to the fact that too many people are breathing the air... !!!

But now I have a quandry... if I have to bring fine, fresh, bracing Scottish air with me when visiting Cal, what will be the effect on my baggage allowance ?

Will the compressed air in the tanks be light enough to counter-balance the weight of the tanks themselves, or will I be hit for excessive baggage at the rate of $60 a kilo ?

Breathe easy

May your God go with you.

Gary_2005 39M
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2/29/2008 2:02 am

People change and people mature. I think it is unrealistic to expect things to last forever. We may hope it does, but reality intrudes. What is most important is to understand yourself, and hope to get insights into the mind of your partner. Whether two people are suitable to each other is the ability to compromise for each other. When compromise is no longer an option, then divorce is the only option left. It does not always have to end in a bad way. I believe that even after divorce you can still retain the good memories and still be friends, and wish each other the best in the future. If there are children, then do what is the best for the children. There are certain responsiblities that you cannot give away.

pickledpigspheet 46M
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2/28/2008 1:14 pm

The Hong Kong wife: @%#$%^%^(*&%@$^$&^%&^%!!!!!

(chris )

2/28/2008 12:33 pm


Warm_and_nice 64M
818 posts
2/28/2008 9:28 am

rejoicefrance, you and Vicky are impossible, ganging up on me like this. You're even making the rules up as you go along ! Most unfair.

Also, you're now using a middle man .... and no doubt he will expect a percentage too. There I go, trying to be fair to all the workers, and you divert a percentage to a guy in a suit ! Most unfair. Far too capitalistic.

Those French patisseries are not good for you, you know. I've experienced them, and the waistline suffered something terrible. You save your money for something more worthwhile.

Also r-f, you're a blabbermouth ! I never said that Cambodia was going to be a honeymoon... after all I haven't even asked {member ????????} yet !! But thanks again for the offer of a discount.

(You see guys, there is more to Asia Friendfinder than just blogging )

Have a lovely day

May your God go with you.

Warm_and_nice 64M
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2/28/2008 9:01 am

nikon01.. Hmmm... I like that... "Sir Nice"... Thanks mate, that's cool !

No, the valet parking tip is paid out of my hurried miscalculation.

15% of $50 is $7.50 which, allowing the $5 postage for the Fortune Cookies, leaves another $7.50 from my $70 budget. What the hell, it's a good year to do Valet Parking !!

That's something that has always puzzled me, actually.... what is considered the normal tip in the US for Valet Parking ? I'm sure you guys will know !

May your God go with you.

(Joe )

2/28/2008 6:32 am

I always did like SH more than BJ

Warm_and_nice 64M
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2/28/2008 5:12 am

Hi rejoicefrance,

I think it's really unfair of you and Nicky to gang up on me this way.

However, I am glad for the two of you (and my wallet) that you have managed to "out-do" nikon01 and find a 5* establishment that not only does a 12 course meal for $50 but also does "buy one get one free". No doubt the staff are on minimum wage and there are no "fair-trade" products on sale but, hey, we can't have everything, can we ?

As I am paying I must insist that the tip rests at 15%, which I consider to be the maximum unless the service is of an exceptionally high standard (by my judgement only), i.e. $15. You can use the remaining $5 for the postage of the fortune cookies, don't bother about air-mail because fortune cookies are always stale by the time one gets to eat them anyway.

You should be aware, my dear, that the UK has rejected the Euro... we stand by the good old Pound Sterling, and long may it be that way.
"Rule Brittania", and all that !

As I believe in always paying my dues promptly, maybe you would be good enough to forward me all the details of your bank account (or credit card) so that I may have the funds deposited forthwith.

Bon appetit !

May your God go with you.

xiaobaiMOMO 29F
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2/27/2008 10:15 pm


isabel07 52F
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2/27/2008 7:08 pm

I don't know very well. I thought you should misread Beijing's women.Sounds like snobling.

(Steve Z)

2/27/2008 5:17 pm


Not really sure what you mean, but all Im trying to say,
is that there are plenty of Bad girls out there as well as
bad men.

Just because you may not be one, or that you think you have
not ran into any... does not mean they do not exist... Cause
trust me, I have ran into several, sadly

jimyhao 53M
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2/27/2008 10:22 am

It is true that divorce makes the aches and pains to every member of
the family.That the hurt of feeling is recovered will need a long time and slow process.We have to seek solving the way of this problem and reduce harm.

Warm_and_nice 64M
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2/27/2008 7:48 am

Ooooooo... CPayne !! That's a leading question !!

(My money's on Hunan)

May your God go with you.

(you li)

2/27/2008 3:46 am

Divorced is really hurt each other from any where.....If married then never say divorce,that's why don't want to get married easily.....

(Steve Z)

2/27/2008 3:45 am

Heh, this is interesting... yet, you forgot to write the
part where the woman starts cheating on a faithful man...

Both men and woman are both prone to cheat, steal, lie, etc.
It may seem like its mostly the man... but maybe its just that woman
dont get caught as often.

sweetie170575 42F
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2/27/2008 3:28 am

oh hi babe Vicky,

I agree with Meier.The true loves always exist forever and it need to be more sympathetic,more sharing,more comprehensible toward them ,each other.A intelligent woman will know what and how is them to do .

Have a nice day and hope u will have more great blogs.


meiersnow 35F

2/27/2008 2:14 am

Ow,dear baby vicky.
However ,the woman need to thought something what is them to do...
A family is need understanding ,more loves from the parents are each other.if loves to value and if dont's loves to learning let go...
That's not a easy conversation...
Best wishes for your happy.


A Good Heart to Lean On.