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Hongyannishang 33F
183 posts
12/29/2012 7:38 am
Why married men seek sex with single women?

Many married men are seeking for a single woman in real life and here in the internet in dating sides.
Married men seeking sex with single woman because they can?
Married men are very caring and experienced when it comes to love?
Because married men love the game with allure of the forbidden?
Married men seeking sex from single women dates back as far as the beginning of relationships?
Because it is in their nature to hunt?
Boredom / curiosity?
Or that only happens if the relationship is already broken?
Of familiarity was indifference?
The passion has remained on the track?
His ego needs a boost?

beyondfantasy3 105M
4451 posts
12/29/2012 9:13 am

Probably because they don't bring a laundry list of "Honey's do's" and try and regulate sex based on the list. Besides most of the time, the single woman is interested in making the shared time a happy experience.

The wife too often thinks because she is the wife, its all about 'what she expects his duty to be', so it becomes a kill joy situations, and more a 'duty and task" based arrangement.

zayphod143 65M
58 posts
12/29/2012 8:24 pm

Most men enjoy being seen as "desirable", as well as enjoy the thrill of the hunt and conquest.

It is also in man's nature to keep a harem, much like a bull or stallion.

beyondfantasy3 105M
4451 posts
12/30/2012 5:29 am

    Quoting zayphod143:
    Most men enjoy being seen as "desirable", as well as enjoy the thrill of the hunt and conquest.

    It is also in man's nature to keep a harem, much like a bull or stallion.
We each have unique views, I do think that many men may have vague fantasy of a harem, but the reality in many men's life is focused upon the woman he chooses as his mate.

Affairs are often started by many many many variable factors, and they involve a combination of converging factors.

The natural laws of male and female attraction is an ever-present realism within the human life. but the choice or options to act on pursuing that attraction is also a situation of many converging elements that bring a situational choice. None is immune to the influence of temptation, but all have the ability to discern their life and know the variables connected to acting on what temptation presents.

Fengjiaoyuyan___ 38F

12/30/2012 12:17 pm

I vote for ego boost it's in the nature of the man that they like to have many woman.

seetorick 77M
1 post
3/7/2013 9:22 pm

I don't know about all these other answers but I know if my wife has become sullen and haughty just because I needed her love, I would consider going outside the marriage bed to find my sexual fulfilment.

mgr1734 68M

3/31/2013 10:02 am

Hi everybody. I think the question should be : Why married men seek sex with OTHER women? BECAUSE it is natural for them to do so & ethically speaking it is more or less socially acceptable for the manto have several mistresses, if he could afford it , financially speaking,at least by European standard. Dear Annishang please go to the Blog"CHINA"

Nishangliying 33F

5/11/2013 8:24 am

Married men seeking for their ego boost sex with single woman they are like dogs are always horny and coz no consequences.

harry992008 49M

5/12/2013 12:44 pm

Because it's on our nature is hehehe

Pittsburgh2 48M
10 posts
8/17/2013 12:28 pm

Right on.

only4ulady 29M
41 posts
6/1/2014 10:57 pm

His ego needs a boost?