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davinci2rinpoche 61M
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7/29/2007 8:50 am

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5/15/2009 3:18 pm

Seksual and Emotional Arousal

A topic I've been thinking about for a long time, and I decided to write this post when I read SEXIEST(Good Girl, Gone Bad). If by chance my picture is not censored, Brazil's Beach Volley female team, Beach Volley World Championship, Gstaad, Switzerland, July 2007.


When you watch men sports on TV -- on the track, tennis, beach volley, etc. -- you CAN concentrate on sport, and appreciate athletic performances. When you watch the same sports practised by women, first you wonder at the women's nakedness and seksiness, and only then you can watch what they do. How is it that women show themselves as naked as possible, while so often blaming men for being swine with only seks on their minds? --

Men wear sport outfits, but their shorts are never shorter than what is required to practise their sport in the best conditions -- be it on the track, in tennis or in team games. As to women, they always wear the smallest and seksiest possible pieces of clothes. In the latest Beach Volley World Championship in Gstaad, Switzerland, they were almost naked... It is as if women were always trying to be seksy whatever they are doing: not only when doing sports, but also when shopping or simply walking in the streets. In western cities, they always dress so as to attract men's attention and desire.

This attitude is causing the loss of real seksiness. We, men, have become so used to seeing half-naked women everywhere that we do not react any more. Know why? Simply because a man can't feel continually seksually aroused. If he were, a man would be unable to focus on his work, and do what he has to do. So in the end, men pass by these women without even noticing them...

As all women seem to show themselves seksually available (which they are not, of course, but women should know that is the impression a man gets when he sees them half naked), men have to use other criteria than seksiness to choose their women. Seksual arousal is not a big deal any more, now men long for emotional arousal.

To get emotionally aroused, we need positive emotions, and they are difficult to create. It takes sensitivity, sensibility, imagination and self-control -- it is not enough for a woman to swing a lovely butt under men's eyes. Such women will be taken for sure, but if they've got nothing else they will be let down, too.

Finally, seeing all that female skin all the time is a real good thing. It teaches men to concentrate on what is really rare and hard to get: a woman not only with a body, but also with brains...

(Deb )
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7/29/2007 11:59 am

Good entry. I think to make things more fair then, we need many more scantily clad men running around, lol! And you think women don't look at men who play sports? Ha, my best friend only watches football to see the guys bend over, lol! And I think many hockey players are cute.

apostle2day 72M
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7/29/2007 2:05 pm

Good thoughts !
Like everything that starts off good, we reach a point of diminished returns, and go downhill from there. Certainly chemistry is the first part of the mix for a lot of men, but like you say, if the mental/spiritual part doesn't match, the best body in the world stands no chance of a meaningful, longterm relationship with a nice guy, and disgression is a good first sign.

(Lani Jaloux America)

7/29/2007 7:19 pm

I'll give my comment later.

I have to see to it I pass the test this week

It's going to be different comment but related.

Simply J

etch_a_sketch 36M
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7/31/2007 6:14 am

Men and women are both shallow beings and we like to see things that attract us at first glance and enjoy watching something that would relate to what our brains favor. I enjoy watching female tennis players in mini skirts and always hoping to catch their upskirt scenes. Very bad of me but I am telling the truth.

GoldmanHuangShan 58M

8/2/2007 7:56 pm

DVD....pulp's right....many women i knew a little better..told me how they imagine groping those men who wear too tight...ouch!!! sensitive buttons....

But about men watch got a point that they dont wear for sports but to distract...

I think chinese women in south china dont have enough assets to distract...... but in Beijing...they seem to compete showing cleverages in the most sophisticated way..... .... well at least in the Univ...

About being naked....not yet but there have been several controversies about how those in fine arts display their bodies etc etc.

Isnt it an irony that we were bare thousands years ago and now learning to bare again? During the hippy days....there were slogan that suggested burn the bra.....

GoldmanHuangShan 58M

8/2/2007 11:26 pm

How about making skimpy translucent materials for beach and pool wear.

(oasispdc )

8/4/2007 5:17 am

Too unfair, indeed. Male colleagues and I had to wear a tie, shirt, shoe leather, and other very tight clothes even in such hot weather, while female colleagues can wear sleeveless shirt, short skirt, sandal and so on. In a word, women can wear much less than men.
By the way, why do people have to wear clothes?

Please don't disturb a chicken before he hatches.

nanimiel 61F
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8/4/2007 6:40 am


"By the way, why do people have to wear clothes?"

I've often wondered and from what I know, it is in order to protect themselves. Even in the remotest areas men wear some kind of protection to avoid endangering reproduction, hence descendance.

You are right about clothes at work. Like you, I've often found it totally unfair on men. I was only too happy to be a woman, then – well, not only then, mind you!


(Lani Jaloux America)

8/4/2007 6:42 am

I'm back and passed the exam

Now where should I start? It seems I am too late to give my nonsense comments coz there's a new blog above this.

Men when they see women almost half naked, they lose interest or the urge for seks. That'S because they either show them off for everyone to see or maybe they really are not used to wearing a lot.

In the Middle Eastern countries, where women are covered and only eyes and hands are showing, they have strong urge on seks. Don't ride a taxi alone or you'll be by 10 men. Wow, just imagine that you'll have alot to connect sadistically.

They wear long and wide robes, whenever they see woman skin on the nape, arms and lower leg, their robes had a built-in jacks inside One hand gone and he's there standing frozened. Whatever he is doing, so fast to stimulate his imagination.

In Japan, young men, never give extra glances to women who are almost showing their whole piercced bodies with tattoos. And they never give respect to women anymore. But some college students whom I have the same train, is so curious to a woman next to him who never show anything but only the incredible size of her bumpers. It made the young men, get more interested in her. Actually, she's not as beautiful as those other college girls with them.

You don't have to hide it, because it still reveals the size and figure, but it made them curious and insane. Too much revealing, will lessen the arousal for seks. How about the flirty effect?

Simply J

(oasispdc )

8/4/2007 8:08 pm

I think it is a matter of culture. Some places in Africa, people wear much less than those living in cities in Europe. I read about that some African women are naked all day. I think our remote ancestors were totally naked just like Adam and Eve. Because they wore nothing, they had to grow some hair to protect some important parts of their bodies, such as heads and some other important parts.

Please don't disturb a chicken before he hatches.

nanimiel 61F
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8/4/2007 8:44 pm


"[…] they had to grow some hair to protect some important parts of their bodies, such as heads and some other important parts."

That is quite correct; we grew hair on our heads and hairs on armpits and in nostrils as a first protection, even before we added clothes and nose mufflers!

Calling it a cultural difference is OK but to make things really clear I'd rather say it is linked to weather conditions – just look at Eskimo surroundings and clothing and you'll know why they have shed clothes in southern countries – not only in Africa, mind you, but also in Australasia, Latin America, etc.

Well, women don't ALL live as naked as worms in the South but they surely belong to a category that DVC wouldn't be aroused by!


yulinwinter 43F
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8/4/2007 8:55 pm

¡°How is it that women show themselves as naked as possible, while so often blaming men for being swine with only seks on their minds?¡±

Women have 2 reasons for showing ourselves: We are proud of our body,we enjoy the time sharing our beauty,with not only men,but also women; We do the first step to attract men by showing our beauty,and hope men take the next step to learn us.But men usually do not follow us well,so that causess our women's disappointment and blaming.

"I wonder how many Chinese women would like to show their breasts to everybody on the beach, and how many Chinese men would allow their wives/girl-friends to do "

surely 0-0.000001%

GoldmanHuangShan 58M

8/4/2007 9:59 pm

I have the manufacturer for garments, all sorts, any sorts, those with 3 pieces of smallest triangles or those that wrap you up like embalming........ from head to toes..... INDEED I have the right manufacturer here in Quanzhou.

So get the orders from anyone including military from the UN or the likes of it..... I ship to you by LC or cash.

Therefore.....if you have the market, I can make from any material desired...even those that have intelligence with microprocessors that can control filaments to release the correct dose of sensation so that everyone can feel joyful wearing OUR clothes.

(oasispdc )

8/5/2007 1:13 am

Even if women and men both wear nothing, it is still unfair because men have to grow beard in order to protect their friable chins, cheeks, and throats.
I read about that many Chinese women were half-naked in Tang dynasty (more than one thousand years ago). But then it somehow tended to be more conservative later.
In fact, it should be colder in Europe than in China and middle-east. However, West women showhow wear less than the Chinese women and middle-east women. Another thing is many women in middle-east wear veil to protect their faces from seeing by other men. But it seem that they don't mind to show their breasts to other men when they are feeding/suckling their babies.

Please don't disturb a chicken before he hatches.

GoldmanHuangShan 58M

8/5/2007 8:39 am

OK dokie ! The garment factories of the world are in Qz, of which one belongs to my relative whose clients are mainly from middle east like israel, syria etc. they buy by containers. .... hence I provide consultation in int'l trade !

First you study and know what you market wants, then you find out what sort of volume you can commit and I will quote the price. Our company do not hire workers. We treat them as partners by providing them with space and garment machines. They provide the labor and we 'buy-off' from them i.e. we accept those the produce which meet expected quality and in that way of out-sourcing we pay for good pieces only....its a win-win arrangement.

We also provide hostel and meals and recreation.

GoldmanHuangShan 58M

8/5/2007 8:45 am

dvc....i learn to be in many places in a year...its an art ...... God willing, I hope to be in switzerland if someone would hire my talent so that while giving my services, I will also study what can be prospered from Suisse like accupuncture, traditional chinese medicine, trading, catering, .......

GoldmanHuangShan 58M

8/6/2007 7:36 am

Bj is my escape from Qz to see if there is any excitement up North. Next semester I will do some travelling..from Tianjin and Jilin and go skiing. There is a good value tour to S.Korea but I think I will let it pass for this year.

October could be a good time to go about

nanimiel 61F
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8/6/2007 4:16 pm

Oh! so you are from Vinci, like Leo? Thought you were a Swiss guy...

I've been thinking about this for a while now so here is my eeny weeny contribution to this exciting subject

Bodies? They're all we've got! Without bodies, we have no brains, no existence. They're all we get at birth, all that remains when we depart. They keep us alive and are essential to reproduction so in my opinion, the least we can do is acknowledge them the right way!

The first thing we have to do is look after our bodies so as to stay alive. That's why we have hospitals and doctors but also, as I wrote to oasis earlier on, it explains why we protect it from external aggressions such as the cold or the heat or from its vulnerability when naked – that's why we wear clothes. In friendly habitat people wear very little clothes. In some hot places, women even don't wear any. Why women and not men? Probably because your privates are exposed to all kinds of dangers such as cuts, burns, etc., whereas ours are kept within natural protections.

Talking of populations who exhibit a good proportion of nakedness, how do you reckon their men get aroused? Do you think that like you, they need to imagine seksual female parts rather than see them so as to find their women erotic?

Again, the meaning we put into "looking after one's body" varies a lot, depending on one's cultural background, family surroundings and natural disposition. I suppose it also depends on our being male or female, on age and expectations. There's so much going into it...

Undoubtedly the western female population has been dropping clothes more and more over the last decades. I find this only too natural, considering what women were allowed to show without being indecent only one century ago... Oasis is right to point out the efforts made by men compared to women but it used to be far worse to wear ladies' clothes, in Victorian times for instance! Even I can remember my granny's layers of underwear and petticoats as well as the brooches with which she kept everything tightly closed neck-high, and how she'd remind me to sit properly, skirt pulled down, legs close together...

Well, too much is sometimes too much and that's when it backfires. The western backfire started off in the sixties and I agree that it hasn't stopped since then but what we tend to forget, now that it has become much more permissive, is that in former western civilizations, unveiling part of the body was perfectly acceptable. Even in the West, it is a very cultural thing! And come to think of it... why should men be allowed to show their naked busts anywhere but not women? After all, unlike other parts of the body, breasts are not strictly seksual, are they, and I do think they look much better with a suntan than with the "white glasses" a bikini top leaves them with. Besides, feeling the air and the water on them is just delightful – why do without it?

Mmm. I know. Then come the low waist jeans, with gee-strings showing when not a(n ir-)respectable part of two buttocks, and tight-fitted leggings worn by women whose spare tyres pour out from all sides, and navels galore, and-and-and – there's always something to show. And so what? You don't have to look at it or to like it, do you? They are merely showing who they are with what they were given by nature – should they cover themselves up to show what they look like? to what extent?

Of course I am not saying we should all go about in the simplest apparel – we must respect the limits set by the societies we are part of so as to be considered decent. But decency again is a subjective notion when it comes to personal opinions, and depending on when and where we live... To me, decency is mainly a question of personal interpretation and of how clean one feels when other people cast looks. It is neither black nor white, and there are soooooo many greys in between...

A pity indeed, pup, that western males should do just the opposite: while women adopt tight, short and light clothes, they go round wearing huge baggy pants and oversized t-shirts that make them look more like feedsacks than like decent, attractive-looking human males...


nanimiel 61F
4469 posts

8/9/2007 2:51 am

Mmm. "Very interesting, indeed"...


nanimiel 61F
4469 posts

8/9/2007 6:55 am

Do I have to take it that you "mostly agree" on the question I asked you as well or that you have no answer?


chenqin63 51F

11/28/2007 9:31 pm

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