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(timmy )
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1/5/2008 5:34 pm

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1/16/2008 6:02 pm

Just Thinking Of You

Just Thinking Of You

I picture your face

and I know it's true

another minute flew by

just thinking of you

I sit here and I wonder

I dream and I daze

people all around me

try to follow my gaze

Smiling and grinning

wondering too

how many minutes flew by

just thinking of you

I close my eyes

and what do I see

your cute little face

staring back at me

I am always happy

dreaming about you

I could sit here for hours

just thinking of you

(victoria lee)

1/7/2008 12:51 am

Gee, you steal this from some place else. Is not your original writing. Why you not quote where you get this from? Suddenly, I not have respect for you writing.

hotcold3333 replies on 1/12/2008 7:02 pm:
have know id how wright it