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1ClassyLady 68F
3120 posts
3/27/2019 12:31 am
Boeing Co.

Boeing Company is the "Crown Jewel" of the United State, a "Cash Cow" of Wall Street stock. It is a great company. I like Boeing company and was its stockholder before. I have mentioned several times in my blogs about this company and I really "put my money where my mouth is". I took the profits out the table.

However, the bad news kept pile-up recently and sent the stock very volatile and plunging. First case was Indonesia "Lion Air" Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed few minutes after took-off and all the crew and passengers of 189 all vanished in Oct 2018. Then Ethiopian Airline also crashed few minutes after took-off and all crew and passengers of 157 were killed. Both pilots sounded in terrify voice in the last minute. I like to travel abroad and airline safety is a major concern to me. Since these two tragedies Trump announced to stop all Boeing 737 MAX 8 worldwide. Many airline companies had to change their airplanes, schedules, .... accordingly. There are potential lawsuits from those 346 victims' families.

Indonesia is the first country to cancel their order for 49 Boeing 737 MAX 8 after the one delivered and crashed.

There are two major commercial airplane manufacturers in the world, Boeing in USA and Airbus in France. So, the countries in the world either buy Boeing or Airbus. China leader, Xi Jin-Ping is visiting France and he ordered 300 Airbus jets, matching its record with Boeing. As we know, U.S. Trump and China Xi are having tariff trade war at present time. The negotiation is still going on table but can't come to an agreement. This China order of 300 Airbus become a bad news for Boeing that possibly losing a big buyer or more.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max makes emergency landing in Orlando today. A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 on its way to storage was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after departing Orlando on March 27, 2019 afternoon. Pilots of the plane, which was being flown to a storage facility, reported engine problems, federal aviation and airline (FAA) officials said.

Originally I wanted to buy Boeing stock and put a limited order price of $350.01 but now I canceled the buying order. I don't want to catch the falling knife in spite of Boeing is a great company. I want to buy this stock after the "dark cloud" dissipated.

Boeing is one of 30 stocks in Dow Jone Index. It might influence the stock market trend. There are too many unfortunate news on Boeing make me hesitate to re-enter to buy this stock. Boeing has to correct its mechanic mistake (if any) and prove its safety. Until then, I stay outside and observe the situation.

Please refer to the Boeing chart below.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
3/29/2019 9:06 am

Investigators believe Boeing anti-stall system was activated in Ethiopian crash.

In a preliminary finding, officials investigating the crash of an Ethiopian airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 believe that a flight control feature designed to prevent a stall was activated before the plane nose-dived and crashed,

Boeing this week announced changes in the MCAS system to make it less aggressive and to give pilots more control to override it if necessary. In addition, Boeing said the system will rely on data from the two angle of attack sensors, not just one.

Boeign also said that the anti-stall system would only engage once per event, instead of repeatedly forcing the plane to nose-dive.

The Journal reports that U.S. air-safety regulators have tentatively approved the Boeing software and pilot-training changes.

The lawsuit against Boeing was filed in a federal court in Chicago by the family of Jackson Musoni. It alleges that Boeing had defectively designed the automated flight control system.

The suit charged that the plane "was defective in design, had inadequate warnings, and was unreasonably dangerous."

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
3/27/2019 8:57 am

I have mentioned many times that I like Google (Alphabet) company. Google has the best search engine used by worldwide except in China, Google Maps, Google Translate, YouTube video (my favorite app), Waymo (autonomous cars - self-driving), .... all the wonderful departments in Google. I just love this company. I bought it under $1,000 and recent high is $1,236.44 (year-high $1,291.44).

Of course, I like Amazon where I can shop online. This is a very volatile stock that swing from $2,052.50 to $1,307 (on Christmas Eve last year), a $745.50 per share swing ups and downs. Amazing. You have to have stomach to hold this stock.

As Financial sector, I like JP Morgan, Bank of America and Visa credit card. Recently Fed Reserve halt the interest rate go higher after rate hike 3 times in 2018. Bank stocks are trading low, but credit card stocks remain Okay. I owned and sold Visa with profits.

I have held Pepsico and sold today as it reached to its all-time high of $123.19. I sold for $122.99 for profits. I never own Coca Cola because I prefer Pepsico has varieties products (potato chips) rather than just "sugar water drink".

Do you own stocks? If you have, you will like this blog. If you don't, this blog will bore you.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
3/27/2019 2:25 am

If you are interested in stock trading, I let you know what I buy and why I buy the stocks. Recently I bought Booking Holdings after it plunged $214 in one day on Feb 28, 2019. I bought at $1,692 and plan to sell it when reach to $1,792. One hundred dollar per share profits is enough. Its day high is $1,783.86, so almost time to sell it. Booking is a travel and tourism online company.

I also bought Biogen after it plunged $100+ to $216.44 on March 22, 2019, I bought at $218.50. I plan to sell it at $239. Today day high is $233.76, almost about time to sell it. Biogen is a bio-tech company.

A health insurance United Health Group plunged to $234.51 on March 4, 2019, I bought for $237 and plan to sell it at $272.49 for profits. It has bounced to $259.25, hold a little bit longer.

I am a swing trader, take profits, not greedy. Not a "day trader" nor "buy and holder". Keep some cash for another opportunity. Diversify into many different sectors. Waiting for timing to buy and sell.

Warren Buffett famous quote "Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” I believe in his words. Mr. Buffett is a billionaire, he can buy and hold. I am just a small investor, I take chance and read the chart and listen to the news from CNBC.

The stock trading is difficult but you have to train yourself to be calm. I like real estate market better. I have real estate and stock account established to "Revocable Living Trust" and "Will" for my two children to prevent "Probate".

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
3/27/2019 12:56 am

If you are not interested in stock trading or never heard stock market, you probably don't like this topic. But if you like to make some investments on real estate and stocks, I am dabble in both markets since I have fully retired from pharmacist jobs in 2009. My mom fell down in her condo and I took her to my house to take care of her but she passed away in Sept 2013. No pharmacy wants to hire a pharmacist that lapsed so many years.

Refer to the Boeing chart above, you can see the "distribution volume" on the bad news of Ethiopian Airline crashed on March 10, 2019. All the indexes, i.e. RSI, MACD, and Slow Stochastics are all plunged. It will take long time to recover. It needs time to digest the bad news, so it will either go flat side way for a long while (until dark cloud dissipated) if not plunge even more.

We don't want to hear those bad things happened on Boeing but we have to be alert and take profits. Stock market is treacherous and unpredictable. It is not just "buy and hold". There are so many risk factors can be happened.

Honesty is the best policy.