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1ClassyLady 68F
3120 posts
5/8/2019 1:22 am
Survivor of Moscow plane inferno is accused of 'blocking' others from escaping

Overweight survivor of Russian plane inferno 'blocked others from escaping' as hero stewardess pushed people out of jet which bounced down runway before bursting into flames, killing 41 people

Dmitry Khlebushkin sparked fury from passengers who said they were blocked by people retrieving luggage
The stricken Superjet plane failed to land properly as it came into Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport on Sunday
It was making an emergency landing at Moscow, where it had taken off for a domestic flight to Murmansk
New security footage shows a fireball erupting from the plane's fuselage as it hits the tarmac on Sunday
Stewardess Tatyana Kasatkina, 34, grabbed passengers by their collars and pushed them outside to safety
Another flight attendant, Maxim Moissev, died in the flames as he desperately tried to force a rear door open
Forty-one people have died in the disaster, including at least two and one member of the flight crew
Officials have three theories: weather, malfunctioning equipment, and pilots without proper qualifications
The two flight recorders have been found, but Russian officials do not intend to ground the type of aircraft

A survivor of the Moscow air disaster has sparked fury after he walked from the airport with a backpack he had rescued from the burning plane, prompting claims he had blocked other passengers from escaping.

Dmitry Khlebushkin demanded a refund and complained about his treatment by Aeroflot staff as he left Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport on Sunday, while relatives of 41 victims mourned their loss.

The 'overweight' Russian has become a focal point of anger after several passengers were seen retrieving luggage while others tried to flee.

According to reports in Russia, only three passengers behind Khlebushkin - who was sitting in seat C - survived the inferno.

As the fire raged, hero stewardess Tatyana Kasatkina, 34, had kicked open an exit door and grabbed passengers by their collars to push them to safety.

However another flight attendant, Maxim Moissev, died in the flames as he tried desperately to open a door at the rear of the plane.

Terrifying new footage emerged on Monday showing the stricken Russian plane bouncing down the runway before bursting into flames.

The security footage shows the Superjet plane flicking off the tarmac, collapsing to the ground and fireball careering along the runway with a huge cloud of smoke trailing behind it.

Russian officials are still probing the cause of the tragedy, suggesting three theories: insufficient pilot qualifications, equipment failure, and weather. They do not intend to ground the type of aircraft.

Both flight recorders have today been recovered, which will allow investigators to examine what went wrong aboard a plane which pilot Denis Evdokimov - and some passengers - said had been hit by lightning.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
5/10/2019 2:38 am

    Quoting  :

Success!! You did it.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
5/9/2019 6:08 pm

    Quoting  :

Hi Luxus42:

If you want to respond to a comment, you can simply click "Quote" underneath the photo, this website will copy the quote of that person's comment for you. Or you can click "Respond", then type your respond, your respond to that person will show underneath of that person's comment.

You don't need to copy other person's quoting or respond. Asia Friendfinder blogs will copy for you.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
5/8/2019 8:25 pm

    Quoting  :

There are many videos about this guy, Dmitry Khlebushki, if you Google the news. How can he not feel guilty that because his delay and block the exit aisle that cause so many lives perished? 41 People have been burned to dead are very painful. How can he so selfish about his carry-on luggage? How can he not care about others lives? He has no pangs of conscience? It was a "live or dead" emergence moment, how can he block others to escape from the inferno airplane??

On the contrary, Stewardess Tatyana Kasatkina, 34, grabbed passengers by their collars and pushed them outside to safety. Another flight attendant, Maxim Moissev, died in the flames as he desperately tried to force a rear door open. The pilot is the last person leave the inferno plane. However, did the pilot lack of experience to land the plane smoothly? According the news footage showing the stricken Russian plane bouncing down the runway before bursting into flames. Then the Superjet plane flicking off the tarmac, collapsing to the ground and fireball careering along the runway with a huge cloud of smoke trailing behind it. Those are the investigation should find out the truth.

For the Heaven sake, every life is precious. At that critical moment, just leave anything behind and escape the inferno plane.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
5/8/2019 8:35 am

At the emergency exit time, every second count. He is a selfish person. He should be locked-up.

From this case, is seat in the front safer?

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
5/8/2019 2:12 am

Discussing Khlebushkin, one online commenter said: 'He saved his backpack. And he is looking really great, knowing that everyone further back than the 11th row died.'

Another said: 'The first passengers tried to throw out their bags from the cabin and then to slide down. This is why there are delays.'

'That fat man from the video who was angry that he did not get a refund within 40 minutes – he surely took his bag from the overhead compartment despite all the other people,' said another.

But an unrepentant Khlebushkin demanded a refund for the flight - which never reached Murmansk - and said the airline 'consists of heartless and unprofessional people'.

In total 41 people, including at least two children and one crew member, were killed in the inferno which engulfed the Aeroflot flight on Sunday.

The identities of some of the victims have begun to emerge including that of an American man - Jeremy Brooks - who died on board. Two Russian victims have been named as Albina Pilipchuk and Alexey Gultaichuk.

The youngest fatality in the Moscow air tragedy was Sofia Novikova, 12, from Murmansk, who died alongside her doctor father Evgeny Novikov while on holiday together.

It is thought the majority of the dead will be Russians since the flight was domestic - due to fly from Moscow to the Arctic Circle city of Murmansk.

Seven bodies on the stricken Aeroflot fireball plane were today deemed too unrecognisable to identify.

The charred remains of six men and one woman are to be matched to the DNA of grieving relatives.

Stewardess Miss Kasatkina said: 'When the plane stopped, the evacuation immediately began. The fire was visible. Everyone was shouting that we were on fire, but there was no fire inside the cabin at this moment.

'I kicked the door out with my leg and pushed out the passengers so as not to slow the evacuation. Just to hurry them up I grabbed each of them by the collar from the back.

'It was all so quick. The smoke was already black. The last people were crawling to get out.

'Everyone had jumped from their seats and moved forwards, although the plane was still moving at a good speed. I saw the first woman calling somebody on her phone and saying, we are on fire, we are falling down.'

She said there was a heavy hail storm moment after takeoff from the international airport, before the plane was struck by lightning.

'There was a flash followed by popping. A bright light flash,' she said. 'We took off and got into a cloud and it was hailing. There was such a noise outside [as hail hit the plane].

'At that moment it was a popping, mainly on the ….left side… Everyone was looking at me looked at me. There was popping and a flash, like an electric flash.

'The flight deck informed us that we were returning to our home airport.'

But the plane's internal communications malfunctioned and she could barely hear the pilot when he ordered her to prepare for an emergency landing.

'I could not understand who was calling, a pilot or a steward,' she said. 'That was it, we were flying back home.'

Witnesses insist that people in the back of the cabin were stuck in their seats because passengers further forward grabbed their hand luggage before exiting. Footage shows passengers emerging carrying bags and coats.

Another flight attendant was less fortunate. Maxim Moiseev also sought to open the rear emergency door to let passengers escape but he was thwarted by the intense heat and died in the blaze.

Captain Evdokimov echoed Miss Kasatkina, saying that lighting had struck the plane, despite initial reports that an electrical fault lay behind the tragedy.

He said: 'We lost radio communication because of a lightning strike. We did not have radio communications during landing.

'We managed to resume it via an emergency frequency but it was abrupt and short. We managed to say a few words and lost it. And we had to connect it again.

'Air traffic control did help us, they guided us to the runway. The speed was not high, but normal for landing.

'Everything was according to the book. We gently approached the ground, slowing down. After a complete stop we ordered emergency evacuation.

'The second pilot was the first to leave the cockpit, then I did. At first I did not glance outside. When I did, I saw a fire engine. The fire began after landing. We were not on fire when in the air.'

Survivor Petr Egorov said: 'We took off and lightning hit the plane. The aircraft returned and the landing was tough. We all nearly fainted from fear. The plane jumped on the runway like a grasshopper and it caught fire on the ground.'

He revealed sedatives were given to survivors in the aftermath of the crash.

Another survivor Dmitry Khlebnikov said: 'I thank God - and the stewardesses who saved me.

'They were always with us, helping people to climb the slide and get out of the cabin full of smoke… It was dark and incredibly hot inside.'

Aeroflot and Sheremetyevo airport on Monday expressed 'deep regret' over the plane fire tragedy.

The authorities in Murmansk - the Arctic city where the plane was heading - have declared three days of mourning over the loss of life.

Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency said it was 'premature' to ban the 98-capacity Sukhoi Superjet 100 from flying despite its patchy safety record.

One passenger said: 'I was sitting in front of the engine, and saw how everything melted.

'Somehow I managed to reach the exit, inhaling carbon monoxide. The flight attendants said: 'Come on, quickly, crawl, a little bit left until the exit. As a result, I managed to jump off the plane.'

Aeroflot said the passenger plane was forced to turn back after takeoff because of technical problems.

In a brief statement on Sunday, it said the engines of the Sukhoi SSJ100 were burning after the aircraft landed, but the sequence of events before and after the fire started was not clear.

Some Russian news reports cited sources as saying the plane headed back to the airport after a fire was detected in flight. Others said the plane made a hard landing that could have caused the engines to catch fire.

A spokeswoman for the crash investigation team, Svetlana Petrenko, earlier confirmed the death of two children.

Eleven people were injured, Dmitry Matveyev, the Moscow region's health minister said earlier in the day.

A flight attendant who attempted to rescue some of the 73 passengers from the blaze was said to be among the dead. He was named locally as Maxim Moiseev. There were five crew members on board.

Interfax agency reported that the plane, a Russian-made Superjet-100, had just taken off from Sheremetyevo airport on a domestic route when the crew issued a distress signal.

'It attempted an emergency landing but did not succeed the first time, and on the second time the landing gear hit (the ground), then the nose did, and it caught fire,' a source said.

It reported that the tail was completely burned and said a rescue team was trying to find survivors in that part of the plane.

Ambulances were sent to the scene of the landing and the passengers were evacuated, with the airport now closed for arrivals and departures.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
5/8/2019 1:48 am

I was furious when I read the news of a Russian airplane inferno during the emergence landing but some passengers including Dmitry Khlebushkin (in photo 2 & 3) who grabbed their luggage and potentially blocked other passengers to escape from the inferno airplane in Russia.

At the airport the medias surrounded him, Dmitry Khlebushkin sat at seat 10C said in Russian "I have hypertension, my blood pressure is 200/120. I have to live." He demand to get refund from the airline company. How about those 41 passengers died because he blocked the aisle to exit?? Only 3 passengers escaped after seat 10C. All seat after 11 died. Does he know during the emergence evacuation, you can't grab any luggage?? Please refer to photo 2 that he held a carry-on luggage that the maximum size allowed. Other survived passengers were very angry at Dmitry Khlebushkin.

Honesty is the best policy.