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1ClassyLady 68F
3120 posts
4/9/2022 4:50 pm
CCP's 清零, 封城, 飢餓 is ridiculous

清零 means "Zero Tolerance to Covid-19", 封城 means "Lockdown", and 飢餓 means "starving".

There are many weird and forceful phenomena in China that CCP control people to have Nucleic acid核酸 testing daily. People line-up with short distance, the testing persons using Q-tip into nose or throat for sample. Chinese people rush to market to buy foods in preparation of lockdown. It's easy to get containment when crowd people get together. Some elderly couldn't buy or not enough food to eat, they jumped out of tall buildings and died. The babies got Covid-19 positive and been forced to separate from their parents. Some infants separated from mom. The mom licked babies saliva so that she can go with babies to be lockdown. A nurse who had asthma and been refused to enter to her hospital without "Nucleic acid testing" and she passed away. A pregnant woman in labor stood outside of hospital and bleeding. The infant died. Many elderly couldn't get to hospital for emergency and died. Why CCP is so cruel to Chinese people? It is resemble of "Great Famine" and "Cultural Revolution" that cause 8.4 millions Chinese people died.

The truth is the Chinese vaccine is a failure. The vaccine is NOT working. CCP don't admit the fact. Nucleic acid testing can make a companu rich. CCP now send military into Shanghai to control protesting people. Why can CCP buy Pfizer vaccine or Moderna vaccine or AZ vaccine for Chinese to inject?

The lockdown will cause their economy to recession soon. China is a so-called "world factory", but people have been lockdown and couldn't go to work, no mxney to survive, no food to eat. Other providence Chinese donated truck-load food but CCP rather let those food rotten and spoiled but NOT let people eat. It is ridiculous wasting food and people starve to death. Why Chinese lives don't worth to live? Because they don't have "election", they don't "vote" for their leaders. So, CCP don't need people to vote. CCP conceal outside world news, selected news that benefit CCP, but mock USA democracy.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
4/30/2022 8:09 pm

Westerners who don't know Chinese have wrong conception about CCP. They thought China is the rich and rightful country. Wrong, I came from Taiwan in 1980 and living in USA for 42 yrs. I am bilingual and understand Mandarin Chinese perfectly. I know very well about CCP had purged 清除 84 million Chinese people in Great Famine, Cultural Revolution, 1 Bxby policy, Tienanmen Square massacre, The organ harvesting on Falun Gong practitioners, Hong Kong citizens protested that China promised British government to have freedom Hong Kong for another 50 yrs on July 1st 1997. but China lied and used "extradition" as excuse to arrest Hong Kong people in 2019. Then "National Security Law" to control Hong Kong people to be as same as Chinese.

No, China is NOT rich anymore. Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma had been arrested and donated all his wealth to keep himself alive. His stock plunged from $319.32 to $73.28 in a yr. The real estate mogul EverGrande was top #1 richest mortgage company in China, now all the Chinese people who invested in properties are ZERO in return. Do you know a month ago a Chinese commercial airline pilot vertically plunged from sky because he manually pushed the airplane was the senior pilot coach who taught many students had been demoted to be a co-pilot but his young student is a pilot? Do you know this pilot coach invested all his wealth in EverGrande and loss all his investment?

Do you know the lockdown Shanghai caused many people jump out of tall buildings and died? An elderly husband held his wife and jumped, few days ago a family of 4, husband, wife and 2 kids all held hands and jumped to protest they were starving, the violinist couldn't get to hospital to have surgery for his great abdominal pain and jumped out the window, a young man had big argument with HOA (Homeowner Association) and he also jumped but he didn't immediately died he yelled to the HOA with his last breath and said he will become a ghost and will revenge. The most recent tragedy is a 29 old South Africa female who taught English in Shanghai, she starved to die in her apartment. Her mother opened her door and discovered this tragedy. She was the first "foreigner" who starved to death in Shanghai. There was a German guy who ran down to argue with HOA in German and English. Chinese HOA got a translator to understand what the German said. After a while, this German got food. Many starving Chinese people died inside of their rental condo. CCP took the bodies out and cremated without let anyone knows the dead people's names.

Chinese people don't have food to eat but CCP send police, soldiers in White uniform who hid the food and sold to people who can pxy for 10 times more. Corruption, corruption CCP. Westerners and Americans don't know the fact because "language barrier". They don't know those unbelievable stories happened in China.

Westerners complained some Americans didn't wear masks or inject vaccines 3 times. But those Americans believed in Freedom NOT to wear mask, NOT to inject vaccines for their own believe, their choice. Yes, I know those dying Americans who got Covid-19 had regret that they didn't inject vaccines. I know those news from TV, internet. They had their Freedom of Choice at least. Chinese people had high rate (92% ) to inject their vaccine called 科興. This 科興 vaccine company stock was as high as possible that made CCP a good fortune. However, people found out it was NOT working, after few months later, only 5% effective. People got Covid-19, CCP won't admit their mistake and continue to force Chinese to inject their 科興 vaccine and take orally "traditional Chinese herbal medicine". People died. Stock plunged. CCP made a fortune.

I am an honest person and speak honest fact. Google those things I said. I am NOT a Chinese. My ancestors had been in Taiwan for 400 yrs and CCP only has 72 yrs history. I have dual passports (Taiwan and USA). Taiwan is NOT China.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
4/27/2022 9:53 pm

Hi beyondfantasy3:

This blog is NOT about Americans. Americans have freedom to prevent Covid-19, they can inject the effective vaccines 3 times, wear mask to prevent germs. I am talking about Chinese in China. They have been lockdown for months, many people starving to die. So many unfair situation. I am bilingual and understand their language. People jumped out of window, testing daily and got Covid-19 during line-up, the people wear white (大白 ) uniform could be police, could be military army, could be condo community HOA personnel, could be MD, or nurse, but they have obsolete power to hit people, to force people not go out from community, to put up fence as zoo, to kxll pets, rather threw away food than giving to hungry people. So many people died. I saw YouTube videos that Chinese posted through VPN (those video and comment in China will be deleted). Chinese people are silent lambs, they don't have gxn against Chinese government. This is the first time ever, I agree with U.S. 2nd Amendment that Americans can own gxn. Xi for his own political power in November this year to pass the law that he can continue for 3rd five year term, he ordered many ridiculous policy to torture his people. He thinks "Zero Tolerance" is correct. If one person been tested "positive" the whole building has to be lockdown. No food to eat. People NOT died from Covid-19 but from suicide. So many sad stories. I understand their language and watch YouTube videos. It is the 2nd edition of "Great Famine" and "Cultural Revolution". There are more than 30 cities in China have been lockdown, Jilin, Shanghai, now going to Beijing. It is a "purgatory" in China. You don't know how Chinese people suffered from their government. You live in USA you don't know how lucky you are.

Everything I said is true, I didn't exaggerate. I have great sympathy for Chinese people. I don't know how to rescue them from dying. Some elderly Chinese ate their own feces but still they starving to die. A old husband held his wife jumped out the window, both died, the violinist died jumped out window due to abdominal pain, they don't have food to eat, they couldn't go to hospital for emergency, ... many sad stories. Do you know?? CCP don't have "conscience". It is very sad in China. CCP got the donation from other provinces and sold for high prices to benefit themselves. How can they rather throw away food than giving to hungry people?? How can they gave people expired food with maggots in the meat?? Do you know??? The news in China have been blocked. Elderly don't know how to order food from internet. Many days they only drink water and died. Dead people can't talk. Do you know???

Honesty is the best policy.

beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
4/27/2022 5:41 pm

I've had my vaccines and booster's..... I wear my mask, even as people at work and in stores often do not.

It's a sad thing that is happening in China, hopefully they can get it contained.

I think people across the world who lived in denial, fight against mask, and fight against vaccines are irresponsible people, who are a hazard to general society.

Many who have caught Covid, some who wished they'd gotten vaccinated right before they took their last breath, some who survived but nearly died are eager now to get vaccinated.

I don't understand those who think they are "invincible".

We may see more thing happen in the world, because across the world, "people do lots of different thing and people eat lots of things that may not be suitable to consider a animal food source.

No one can walk around and physically see a "virus"... so why preted it does not exist because you can't see it with your eyes.

There's lots of dead people, and people are still dying.

People seem to be so "external" until they go into depression if they can't go out to entertainment venues.
I'm glad I don't have that type of psychological need to base living on which venue I can go for entertainment.

I have people in my office, but they wear a mask, and I don't have a problem asking if people have been vaccinated. Yet, I know some people are asymptomatic who can spread the virus. I do try to stay safe.

I have some classes I conduct and some I need to set up, but I have been hesitant to set up the classes for the larger groups because I don't want to put anyone at risk. I will likely post a mask requirement to attend the upcoming classes for the larger groups.

I have been to some eateries for lunch gathering, I did not particularly like that the pace was "full", but it was related to work business. Personally, I generally order my food to go. When I go to lunch, I go in place my order and go outside until the order is ready.

On the personal side, I am very comfortable being at home, and I don't have a problem being alone with myself. I do think I would like to find a mate, that has a similar midset who can enjoy home as well as outing that don't always require large gatherings.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
4/19/2022 12:41 pm

A well-known violinist in Shanghai where has been lockdown for more than 2 weeks. He had unbearable abdominal pain (possibly appendicitis 盲腸炎). His wife talked to the lockdown persons. After long time negotiation and begging, they agreed to send an ambulance. However, the road had been closed, couldn't go to hospital. The violinist had been sent back home. He suffered great deal of pain. His wife couldn't sleep and tried her best to make him comfortable whole night. The violinist sneaked out the bedroom to the table and wrote few words to say goodbye to his wife and to the world. Then he jumped over the window and fell down to the bottom floor and died in puddle of blxxd. His wife woke up from a short nap and found out her husband had suicide. So sad.

How can CCP have such strict lockdown rule that kxlled the violinist? People died from different reasons rather than Covid-19.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
4/18/2022 4:47 am

According to CCP official announcement on April 15, 2022 that said Shanghai population is 26 million and there are 300 thousands confirmed Covid-19 positive cases and toll death count is ZERO. Nobody died on Covid-19. Those jumped out the buildings, suicide, pregnant woman blexding cause infant died, those elderly couldn't enter hospital for treatment of their emergency and died, the nurse who got asthma and died outside of hospital, ..... don't count in Covid-19 death. People have been lockdown in their apartment for 3 weeks without food but truck loaded foods went rotten and spoiled. Weird.

Xi said China should get "gold medal" on defending Covid-19. What?!! It is a laughingstock. There are many YouTube videos that recorded many dead bodies in plastic bag been carried out of hospital to be cremated 火化 and destroyed evidence.

Dictators in communist countries only care about their POWER and MONXY but don't care about people's life because they don't need people's votes to be elected.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
4/10/2022 5:43 pm

I've lived in USA for 42 years and I trust U.S. government. I had my 1st Pfizer vaccine in late January 2021. I was over 65, so the elderly like me got the first group to get vaccine injection. My 2nd Pfizer vaccine was in the early of Feb 2021. Then I had 3rd "booster shot" 後續疫苗注射. All 3 injections are free of charge. We live in USA have freedom to go to market, banks, pick-up "to go food" from restaurants, or do any chores as long as we wear a mask during the pandemic period. No lockdown, no food shortage, no mandatory to do PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing. Nobody using Q-tip insert to my nose or throat for a test. I had visited doctors so long I wear a mask. No problem whatsoever. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Deplorable Chinese people including 小粉紅 and 50 Cents Army, do your government as nice as U.S. government or any Democracy countries? Do NOT lie about the Wuhan virus came from U.S. Army soldiers. It was a lie. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
4/9/2022 5:08 pm

I saw on YouTube video clip that Chinese workers according to CCP's order to take "Nucleic acid核酸 testing" on Vegetables and threw away those eatable vegetables. It made me laughing on CCP's stupidity. Vegetables have no lungs, no throat, no vital sign as human, how can vegetable get Covid-19? Don't they know you can cook vegetable and the germ died?

Honesty is the best policy.