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1ClassyLady 68F
3120 posts
2/25/2024 2:47 pm
AI (Artifial Intelligence) stocks

I have recommended on my blogs many times that I have owned TSM, AMD and NVDA which 3 companies' CEO are Taiwanese-Americans. I put my money where my mouth is. Yes, my lowest price of NVDA was purchased at USD 109.21 On 10/13/2022 but I sold all of my holdings at USD 603 per share on 1/22/2024. However, as 2/23/2024 NVDA is as its "All-Time-High" as USD 823.94. All of these have recorded on my stock account. I'm not brag my achievement but I really have confidence of my country - Taiwan. Although I sold all my NVDA, but I am still holding TSM and AMD.

TSM (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer) is located in Taiwan, so it has "geopolitical" disadvantage from a big but notorious 惡名昭彰的,聲名狼藉的 neighbor country's sober-rattling threat on a daily basis. AMD and NVDA are located in the USA. NVDA CEO, Jensen Huang became a very famous CEO this year. My NVDA total profits is USD 41,233.54. Sold too soon. I will look for another entry point of NVDA under USD 603.

TSM台積電 is the best foundry 晶圆代工 company in the whole world. If you don't know TSMC, please Google it. My lowest price of TSM is USD 74.15 on July 5, 2022. I have lots of TSM shares. TSMC 台積電 opened yesterday, 2-24-2024 in an official ceremony its first semiconductor plant in Japan as part of its ongoing global expansion. The USA also invited TSMC to build manufacturer in Arizona state. The future of TSMC is very good, I'm holding TSM. AMD is located in the USA and a female CEO, Lisa Su came from Taiwan when she was young. My lowest AMD price I purchased is USD 55.01 per share on 12/22/2022. Now trading around USD183 per share.

Take a look my previous blogs that I always buy stocks at low when nobody knows and sold the stock when everyone knows. Such as TSLA I sold all my holdings in Nov 2021 and purchased a Tesla car in Dec 2020.

Know what you own and take profits when everyone crazy about them.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
3/19/2024 9:46 am

f you read my blog and have stock account, listen to my advice and mark my words, you will be rich one year later. To buy 3 or 5 shares of ADBE at 485.01 and 2 shares of SNOW at 151.51. If these two stocks still dropping buy double more shares until they stop. Both stocks are oversold lately. ADBE is a high-tech software infrastructure company. SNOW is a high-tech software Applied company. We are all hindsight 事後聰明, but trust me, I want you to make money. You need to have courage to get in to these 2 stocks. They won't go down forever. It is a chance of a lifetime opportunities.

I emigrated to the USA in 1980 with 3 thousands USD that was the maximum amount Taiwanese government allowed. Because U.S. former president, Jimmy Carter abandoned Taiwan (Taiwan was in UN and had veto right) in Nov 1979 and established diplomatic relationship with poverty China. My mom was in the USA since 1978 and she found a job and I was NEVER married, so the USA approved my mom's application and permitted to support me to the USA in Sept 1979 (2 months before Carter's announcement). I was a Taiwan licensed pharmacist and worked for 3 years. My mom called me to quit job and came to the USA because she knew the CCP atrocities (3 yrs Great Famine, 10 yrs Cultural Revolution, ...) Nobody knows the actual and correct how many Chinese people were unnatural died. No book, no newspaper, no radio, nobody could talk about those tragedies. Estimated at least 100 million Chinese died under 74.5 years CCP controlled. Taiwan is the only clean, unpolluted land that CCP has had NEVER touched Taiwan. My ancestors came to Taiwan since Ming Dynasty 400+ years ago, we speak Taiwanese local dialect - Taiwanese not Mandarin Chinese.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
3/16/2024 3:27 pm

Dear Dolores922:

I just found out you were not born yet in 1984. Of course, you didn't know gold was 280 USD and silver was 4 USD. I was mid 20 yrs old. I am double of your age.

My reply just to say my experience about gold and silver prices.

As of crude oil,, the highest prices were between 1981 to 1995. Crude oil made Mid-East countries became very very rich during Ronald Reagan era. At that time, the interest rates were very very high. I was a "Loan Secretary" typing loan documents for customers, I remember loan rates were 20 to 21.5 %. Loan rates were very expensive.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
3/16/2024 10:26 am

    Quoting Dolores922:
    The most profitable things now should be gold, crude oil and some precious metals. We all know what happened to Tesla’s stock before. The founder of Tesla regards us as a long-term wallet.
Dear Dolores922:

Let me tell you my 1st investment - Gold. I emigrated to the USA in 1980 with my mom. I was at early 20. About six months later, my mom told me to buy gold and she believed gold will will be 2,000 USD. I and my mom took bus (no car in 1980) to buy gold at 920 per ounce. The gold price kept dropping for 4 yrs to 280 USD per ounce at historical low. My boyfriend in 1984 told me to buy gold. I madly said gold made me losing money from 920 to 280. So, he suggested me to buy silver coins at 4 USD per ounce instead. I bought 200 silver coins. My boyfriend in 1984 was very smart with PhD in double E (Electric Engineer) graduated from Univ of Pennsylvania (an Ivy League). He was right I should listen to him to buy gold at 280 USD and silver at 4 USD. Gold slowly went up to 300 USD per ounce for a year, silver was slowly went up.

In 2004 I filed divorce my ex-husband. I dated an orthodontist (he was on AFF) in 2006, I saw gold price went up to 1,250 USD, I sold few gold coins that I bought at 920 USD. Then sold few gold coins at 1,320 USD, then more and more at higher prices. The highest price I sold gold was 1,750 for all. In about 2009 or 2010, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates said on TV, silver is very important metal for computer. Silver price went up to 40 USD per ounce. My silver 4 USD is 10 times profits. I sold silver at 25 USD to the end 40 USD. Silver was my great winner.

Today Gold is 2,156 per ounce. The gold went up from 280 USD in 1984. My boyfriend was right the lowest price was 280 USD historical low. His suggestion to buy silver at 4 USD and I bough5 200 coins and sold at highest price at 40 for all my silver coins.

If you read this blog, 1st comment at bottom. I said "buy low, sell high", "buy when nobody knows, sell it when everyone knows". I bought NVDA at 109.21 USD on 10/13/2022, I posted a blog on AFF. Now NVDA is as high as 974 USD lately. I sold at 603 USD, made six times profits, not so bad.

Everything I said is true, I don't lie. I think gold at 2,156 USD per ounce is too expensive. Gold at 280 USD in 1984, check the history, gold was under 300 for a year. I know those gold and silver prices because I was in them.

Honesty is the best policy.

Dolores922 35F

3/15/2024 6:06 pm

The most profitable things now should be gold, crude oil and some precious metals. We all know what happened to Tesla’s stock before. The founder of Tesla regards us as a long-term wallet.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
3/9/2024 4:55 am

NVDA is like a runaway wild horse without reins. It went higher and higher to USD 974. Nothing can stop NVDA. I regret to sell it at USD 603 and had no courage to buy higher price. However, I really bought NVDA at low as USD 109.21.

TSM reached to USD 158.40. I have lots of TSM, so I sold some shares for profits. I still own a lot of shares of TSM.

I feel the whole "Semiconductor" selector went wild. It seems to me that a little too "frothy". People pickup every little dip and go even higher.

TSM is the only company can make 2 nm (nanometer) in the world. Bar none 無例外 , the one and only company. Do you know 1 nanometer is 1/1,000,000,000 of a meter? Semiconductor is something that deals with incredibly small units that aren't visible to the naked eye. A nanometer is only about 1/40,000 of the size of pollen (about 40 μm). I am very proud of TSMC, the best semiconductor company in the world. If not because "geopolitical" reason (located near China), its stock price should go higher. U.S. president Biden doesn't want CCP to get high-end chips to make military equipment purpose, so Biden banned all the communist countries to get those chips, i.e. Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
3/9/2024 4:44 am

The whole semiconductor sector "go ballistic" (I meant blow up, hit the ceiling), either blow through year-high or all-time-high.

AVGO (Broadcom) I sold too soon at USD 800+, today it hit all+time high of USD 1,438.17 I missed at least USD 600+.

LRCX (Lam Research) doing DRAM and NAND flash memory chips, sold too soon, today it hits all-time high of USD 1,007.39.

MU (Micron Tech) doing DRAM and NAND flash memory chips, it went up to USD 101.85.

ASML (ASML Holdings) is a Dutch semiconductor equipment company, I used to have lots lots of shares, but sold a day before its earning report and missed the "gap up" run. it is USD 1,056.34. I have been to Dutch (Netherlands) twice. ASML is the high-end semiconductor equipment company. President Biden ban ASML to sell equipment to China. ASML main buyers are the USA, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

AMAT (Applied Materials) makes lower-end semiconductor equipment in comparison to ASML. I think it is an American company. I've not own AMAT but I know it. AMAT went up to USD 214.255.

TSM (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer) - I have lots of TSM, but sold some shares for profits. Today's high is USD 158.40. I still have lots of TSM.

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) I sold a little shares for profits. It hits all-time high of USD 227.30, I still have some AMD.

NVDA (Nvidia) it just keep going higher to the sky. I sold too soon at $603. Today it is USD 974.

QCOM (Qual Comm) I have some shares. Today I sold a little bit. It hits USD 177.59. QCOM is an American company.

NXPI (NXP Semiconductor) specialized in autonomous vehicles chips). I have never traded this stock, but I know car makers wants NXP chips for self-drive cars. The highest price is USD 264.26.

AVGO and NVDA I sold too soon and scared to get in again. However, I have had good profits. Do you own any stocks?? How is your trading??

My deceased bank CEO friend knew Real Estate market, but I know stock market. He was too busy, no time to watch CNBC or did stock homework. I emailed him to buy NVDA at low, but he didn't believe me. His best stock was AAPL (Apple Inc) buy and hold. AAPL split 7 to 1, increased dividends, then split 4 to 1. Mid last week, Apple CEO,Tim Cook announced to quit "Apple Car" as Tesla EV car slightly went up because without big company Apple making EV car, there will less competition. Tim cook announced to develop AI (Artificial Intelligence) chip, AAPL went down because it is little bit too late as so many companies already in AI chips. No, I don't own AAPL stoc

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
2/29/2024 1:40 pm

I NEVER traded any Chinese stocks. I have traded Taiwanese stocks. Although I sold all my NVDA too soon at USD 603, but I have AMD. Take a look of AMD today, it surpassed USD193.00 per share. AMD has a catching up run. (AMD also makes AI chips) Hooray!!!

AMZN has a new year-high of USD 177.22. (AMZN all-time high is USD188.65)

I don't trade Airline companies since 9/11/2001 because of "Terror attack", safety, oil prices, airfare price competition, employees' strike, poor services, .... The whole airline stocks are not even on my watch list. Please refer to my previous blog "Do and Don't in stock trading".

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
2/28/2024 3:24 am

Have you ever watch Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" on CNBC. Every weekdays 2 hours after stock market closed. Jim Cramer recommended "Magnificent &" - 7 Trillion Market cap companies.

I have had all those 7 stocks.
AAPL (Apple Inc.) - once its market cap exceeded 3 trillions, but now only 2.82 trillions. Apple iPhone have loyal customers. However, CCP boycotted Chinese to use iPhone inside of some official government area. Apple confirmed 13% of Chinese usage than before.

MSFT (Microsoft) - once its market cap under 3 trillions, but not surpassed Apple and MSFT market cap is 3.03 trillions. MSFT has "Open AI" chat GPT.

NVDA (Nvidia Corp.) was billions company in early 2023, but grow so fast and became 1 trillion in late 2023. However, NVDA market cap became 2 trillion recently. NVDA CEO, Jensen Huang is a Taiwanese-American. NVDA is a semiconductor company, especially AI chips.

AMZN (Amazon Inc.) market cap at1.8 trillion. I own lots of shares in my portfolio, my largest holding. You may know AMZN as a online retail company, but not only retail anymore. AMZN has the best "Cloud AWS" Amazon Web Services. One of the best "Cloud leader".

GOOGL (Alphabet Inc.) it has the most diversified sectors, i.e. Search engine, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Self-drive cars (Waymo autonomous vehicles), now AI chat GPT, .... etc. However, on Monday, 2/26/2024 Google Geminis AI inaccuracies sent the GOOGL price downward. I own lots of GOOGL (my 2nd largest holding).

META (META Platforms, Inc.) formerly known as "Face Book". Currently, META market cap is 1.24 trillion. I sold it too soon, but I did make good profits.

TSLA (Tesla Motor) current market cap dropped under trillion at 636.1 Billion. Tesla market cap went down because Chinese EV maker BYD low price competition. I made lots of money and sold at its "All-Time-High" in November 2022. Sold all my TSLA holding. However, re-entered too soon and didn't take profits on its way 2023. Elon Musk is still the richest man in the world because he owns SpaceX, X (former Twitter), a solar panel company and Tesla.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
3289 posts
2/25/2024 3:33 pm

My top holding are AMZN, and GOOGL. I am a long term trader. If you sold a stock that over a year later than your purchase date, IRS will give a little bit lower tax %. You need to have "guts" for the turbulence ride for a long term holdings.

Stock trading thumb rules:
1. Buy low, sell high (it's easy to say than do it)
2. Choose a correct stock when nobody knows. Sell the stock when everyone crazy about it. Don't reply on someone's tips 內部情報, because they will tell you the stock when the stock is "hot".
3. Do your homework.
4. Buy a little shares at beginning and sold it gradually. Don't buy "all in" or sold "all out".
5. Learn how to read charts. Buy the stock when its RSI (Relative Strength Index) is under 30, start to sell some shares when its RSI is over 70.
6. Patience is a virtue.
7. Watch CNBC channel when trading. Listen to what they said on TV. If they can explain to you why the stock has good future.
8. Have confidence in yourself.

Honesty is the best policy.