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beyondfantasy3 113M
1999 posts
8/9/2020 8:35 am
For some, the COVID-19 has given them time to learn their family members

Some people have learned more about family members over the past 7 months than they ever knew about each other.
Some people have learned more about their M than they knew before... its far more difficult for people live lies when they are in the home with each other for these extended periods of time.

The Truth comes out... It breaks some , and for others it bonds them in ways they may have long desired be bonded.

People now have see their mate far and beyond just a provider of SX... they actually have "talk each other" as Person.

Some have learned that "the shape of the butt" and "the size of the breast" is no longer enough "keep a mate"....

Some have learned that "the size of a man wallet, is not enough, and shopping for status items is no longer the goal", There's no place flaunt such stuff and people have accept themselves as themselves without public endorsement or soliciting patronizing comments.

This could be a Re-set life for people learn what matters.

Unfortunately in America, we have a White Nationalist Fool in the seat of the Governance, and playing Dictator Mob Games in Trying to Promote and Recreate The Agenda of The Old Southern Confederacy.... and the Republican Right Wing Politicians have been expose as Confederacy Agenda Enablers to Trump... They play him, and he plays them to Promote Bias, Bigotry, Racism and Divisiveness on every level and upon any matter in the Nation, Communities and that has sadly been supported by Right Wing Evangels ...

Once this VILE AND MALICIOUS Trump and Republican Administration is Gone...

America can then lower its COVID-19 numbers of Infections and Deaths...

The Re-set can bring a new appreciation for life, a new respect for The Declaration of Independence, A Respect of The Values of The Preamble to be for Everyone, and A Respect for the Principles of The Constitution.

beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
8/9/2020 8:43 am

The Change in The World... can and will bring people and nations to know the value of Diplomacy... not only between nations, but between people in communities.

Once we get the Evil Right Wing Confederates Out of American Governance...

We can Re-connect with Nations, and Nations that struggle with Tyrants, Dictators and Authoritarianism, can follow the lead and rid themselves of Tyranny.... and build Humane Respect of Person, as Individual...

People may not give themselves the optimism to see it now -

But the World Has Already Changed, and that Change Will Continue....

People Around The World... are learning the Value of Their Lives.

They will create change... to Respect That Value....

Lily20145 60F
887 posts
8/10/2020 9:02 am

I guess we all appreciate nature more than ever, it's pandemic that remind us what is really matter to us and how we take it for granted for many things such as toilet rolls.


beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
9/5/2020 3:38 pm

I'm much of a home person anyway, so it no big stretch for me not to be out and about. I can work from home, but I go in most days of the week, and from the first of the shut down, I went in everyday.
I'm fixing things at home... that I wanted to fix before, I'm going to sell the motorcycle, since I've not ridden it in 4 yrs. I'll probably use the money and buy another Benz.
I don't particularly need anything, and I have no consumer debt. So, I'll add a home generator, and turn my shed into a small crafts wood shop. I have a room in the house for Music making, and I have enough space that I don't need a bigger house nor a bigger yard. My present vehicles include a truck and car, both I'm having insured as Antiques, so.. the car I buy after selling the bike will be used more on a daily basis.

I'll probably find a woman who is interested in the value of companionship as a relationship principle, and not the gamesmanship of "catch and be caught games'. I won't go rushing into anything, because I don't care for "un-necessary drama"... and I'm not interested in any woman's money, nor am I interested in having to "buy a woman via trinkets and stuff".. at this point and time, "keeping life and activity simple" is suitable.

Basically, I don't deal with a lot of people, so those whom I do associate with, are careful to protect themselves with regard to their health.

Over the course of life, we accumulate things, and often don't have time for the stuff we accumulate, so I'm in not panic mode to go out and get a lot of stuff just because its advertised. I like home to be comfortable, convenient and safe.

I grew a few vegetables this year, and next spring I'll get a "green house" and make a small garden.... I like the quality taste of things grown at home. I'm not going to try to become a farmer, certainly not on a Suburban community lot
I enjoy working so, I'll work a couple more years at the current job. depending on how I feel at that time will determine if I want to continue doing so.
That Old Idea of Retirement, is not something I think about, I had time in mid 50's to see that, I prefer to be busy with some quality form of being productive.

Right now... it' a focus of staying away from people who don't respect the horror of this virus.

beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
9/18/2020 4:00 pm

Well.. i gave away most of the furnishing in the den and front room... the interesting thing, is the guy who got it, said his house had recently burned down, (which I did not know)... so at least it went to someone who could use it.
When I replace things, I'll do it a bit different than before... I think I many well have the Patio Covered... but I'm not sure yet on partial enclosure or full enclosure... It may even be good to have multiple sliding doors... I have to see how the attachment to the roof will be done first.

The plan is to make my back yard like my personal park... so that it suits the environmental look that I like.

I have to try to get the neighbor to cut a couple of his tree's as lightening hit one and its dying, besides it dumps pine straw all over my roof, and the way he trimmed it, if a storm comes it may fall on my house. (Its very expensive to have trees cut down...I don't know why Lumber companies won't do it and keep the wood and cut the tree's at a discount).

So... overall... it a lot of work to be done.

beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
9/18/2020 4:05 pm

    Quoting Lily20145:
    I guess we all appreciate nature more than ever, it's pandemic that remind us what is really matter to us and how we take it for granted for many things such as toilet rolls.
I try to keep plenty of "toilet tissue rolls" and "Paper Towels".... It's a process in society today to learn how not to take "anything for granted".

Of all the people who have died of this COVID, they all had plans and ideas...

So, its important to appreciate and respect things, and fix it like ones wants it while they can enjoy it.
Stacking a lot of money is the bank may be good for some... but for me, its being able to cover what needs to be paid, and have some prep for emergency.... not focus only on seeing how much money can be stacked up.

People die everyday with more money than they'd ever in 100 lifetimes need or use.... and some spend their lives consumed with worry about their money... until they miss everything else about life.