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beyondfantasy3 113M
2011 posts
9/18/2020 3:12 pm
America Does Not Need A Wanna Be "Tyrant"

[quote]In 1944, Friedrich von Hayek wrote an influential book, "The Road Serfdom," mapping the tendencies of national socialism erode democracy and individual freedom. Unchecked and imbalanced government represents another road serfdom: the tendencies toward the tyrannical concentration of power in a single leader. [/quote]

Unfortunately, Trum & Republicans Does Not Know- What American Democracy Is.
They think only in terms of Autocratic Plutocracy - which is exactly what the Confederacy was.... which is Adverse to and against American Democracy.

American Democracy is based on Liberalism:

The Declaration of Independence - IS A LIBERAL DOCUMENT

The Preamble to The Constitution - IS A LIBERAL SET OF PRINCIPLES AND VALUES

The United States Constitution - IS A LIBERAL SET OF GUIDELINES, GOVERNANCE FORMATION AND SYSTEM, enabling The Nation to Realize and Put To Practice the Principles and Values Laid Out in "The Preamble"... and those values and principles are in direct relation to the Purposeful Functional Nation that the Declaration of Independence set forth to create.

American deeply misjudged the character and integrity of Black People and the American Indians... and later it Misjudged The People from Asia, and Many Other Nations.

The Black People, have promoted always, the principles of Human Equality, or Person as Individual, and Respect for the Equality in Civic and Civil and Social Society. Even during the Era of Slavery, black people never lost that ideal, The labor of black people cleared the land and built so much, and created many things which the credit for it was stripped away and never given. yet, for 0's of Years black people have stood on the same principles and promoted the same values that are laid out in the Documents that shaped the system of American Democracy.

The element of Savagery, was never about black people, or American Indians, it was the Savagery of the Europeans who came with "greed and the pursuit of riches "by any means" - that set in motion the carnage that has caused such havoc. America was not Discovered, there were already people living here.
They did not desecrate the land of needlessly slaughter the animals... nor did they kill any animals for "Sport".

James Brown had a song which had a phrase, "I don't want nobody, to give me nothing"... Open up the door and I'll get it myself"...

American white society shut the door to opportunity, and then denigrated black people by their prejudices... and then pretended that black people want something for nothing. Which has never been the case. The system of slavery by wealthy white people is the basis of those who wanted something for nothing, so they used and abused Blacks, Asian, Indians, Mexicans and others, including Poor Whites... to get wealth by using others, which means they wanted someone to give them something, they were not willing to work for themselves. they interjected Racism into society, to keep the people divided, and used the principle of "divide and conquer"... and in doing so, devastated the lives of Blacks, Asian, Indians, Mexicans and others, including Poor Whites...

Now, we have Trump promoting "Divisiveness", not only on race, but by political party madness.

The Founding Documents did not create "Political Parties'... people did that by setting up one group that support the people, and one group that support the agenda of the wealthy... and its been distracted and diverted from the original design of the Declaration of Independence.

The white man, even declared himself as the only one be considered a Person, and then he went further Declare only wealthy men as Person who owned land and had , as the decision makers. None of which was within the Original Design of The Nation.

It chose a Republic Form of Governance, which is "Majority Rule' and that is facilitated by and through the election of "Representative Governances Members"

America chose a system of Capitalism, as a format for "Exchange" where every person could participate on far and equal exchange principles.

Yet, again, man let greed come in and buy away the voice and stature of the people,

It's time Correct This Bastardization that has been done.


beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
9/18/2020 3:41 pm

2020 American People have to stand up against the Damages that have been done by Trump and Republicans... !!!

We must build back our Support of Global Diplomacy... And re-lean to make good and stable "Cooperative Agreements" with other nations.

This world cannot withstand the cycle of more wars... too many people have weapons that can destroy everything for everyone.

The way forward is... Cooperative Agreements - and People Around The World will do their part to establish systems which support Human Equality and Representative Governing Systems within and among their society, and remove Tyranny - It's Time America Leads The Way.

beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
9/19/2020 8:51 am

    Quoting  :

I think if people really concern themselves with Civics there is much that many can learn, no matter what form of governance they live under.

Most any system has the ability to take inalienable rights from people, WHEN people don't understand and know the Civics of their Governance and Systems designed by Governance.

Law is Always Law... when one understand what it is, how to interpret it, they become a society that is collective in support of the rights of Human Beings, to ensure their form of Governance does not take away the inalienable rights of any person or segment of society.

Religion and Governance should never intermingle, beyond the principles of both "believing in God"... not denominal dogma.

Societies give themselves over to Serfdom, when they choose callousness and willful complacency... and when they began to worship man over the Systems of Governance and Society.

Man will come and go, and man will become abusive in the use of power, but the principles of Governance last long beyond 'any man". NO MAN who has ever abused the power of role and position has ever come out with a clean slate, so find great destruction, calamity, and the frailty of life bring many to suffer tremendously in ways they never thought to consider.
People unwillingly given themselves over to Serfdom, Tyranny and falling under Dictatorship, when they put man above the Governance and the Law.

No man should rule for life, because life of man, does not always keep up with the changing seasons of the climate of the societal era, and those Era should never disregard the Law, but clarify it over generation without leaving the close tolerance to the Principle of The Law.

Justice always will prevail, as many nations have seen abusive leaders meet demise, because they sow the process of devise with ever act they engage to abuse the power to uphold the Law and Support the Principles of Governance.

Man and Money has made fools of Man of Mankind. And NONE in the Span of Life, shall ever take any penny from this earth. Those who think they leave a legacy of Ill Gotten Gain, will always find that Time will see those who come after them to squander it away, or the element of vice will consume the lives of those who try and live off of Ill gotten gains.

These Principle Apply to EVERYONE and NO ONE is Exempt.

beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
9/19/2020 9:10 am

Long as I've been on this site, I've seen many come and go, and often saying very little in between. I've seen many claim degree's and boast about their educational background, and still chose "Silence".

Learning is the basis that should give voice to the those who would be voiceless otherwise.

This is true in how personal love as well as family relationship crumble and erode away, and this is how society become damaged and crumble and erode away into types and levels of despair that impact even those yet unborn.

It's an irresponsible use of what Education has provided within those who embrace education. They also have a moral responsible to share what education has taught to those who may not have had the access to engage in the educational systems.

Even as we see in this website, women run from men who speak and talk about life... because they are worried about "romance", "status" and "money"....

Yet, these will be the same women, who will cry and become distraught with the claim that men don't talk.

When it comes many times, they don't listen, because they are seeking him to only submit to her whim, instead of her having listened when he talked.
At time women, talk and many talk too much, not that talking is a bad thing, it matter what the principle is that is being spoken about. It's far more than patronizing the vanity of ones expectations, but talk that deal with the principles which serve the justice of each other.

She and He both should learn these things before they claim they are in Love... otherwise time will show them how little they truly know of "Love"...

Fools chase and become consumed about the few minutes of sxual activity, and some loose much time of their life, chasing the fictions in their own mind and a few moments of a pleasurable feel... that results many time to give them years of consequences they can't untangle themselves from... because they chose the wrong thing to put all their focus and efforts upon.

These are not isolated from the element of Civics... because Civics will and can and do have an impact on every aspect of the lives of Individual.


"Who is Willing To Learn"... The Value Of Civics.

They may find, it helps them learn how to find the principle and enjoin the simplicity of learning how to Love.

I've encountered women who claim, taking is too much information, as if they are chasing the desire for a Mystery..

Life itself is mystery enough.... rather than manufacturing some concept that that confounds the romance of living.

So, too... is the same with the Civics of Society.