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beyondfantasy3 113M
1999 posts
4/17/2021 9:02 am
Get a Broad Perspective.....

CAUTION: Read slowly, its too many factors to try and rush read.

Jan. 6 showed the world the bias, bigotry and racism and it also showed the ignorance within those who attack Democracy and the U.S. Capitol as not knowing, not understanding and not wanting to understand or respect American Democracy.
This was a tragedy, I think all of them should be jailed, and treated as domestic terrorist who engaged sedition, subversion and terroristic acts of treason against and upon American Democracy.

They are no different than the Southern Confederacy of the 1800's!!!
Trump riled them up in the bid to try and promote a recreation of 'white dominance" of the same type that was the basis within the Confederacy.
He chose the lest educated, the under-educated, the mis-educated and even some who claim to be educated, but have no respect for the Civics of American Democracy.

Trump at this time is trying to create Mar-a-Lago as a office of a Shadow Government, (The same as the Confederacy), he has told his cult to donate to him, not to the Republicans, (both are Rabid!!! anti democracy).
Trump for a period does not have to disclose what he does with the money.

There were many Anti Democracy White Nationalist embedded and some still are in our government and in our military.

See news article:
They're the military's most elite. In secret online groups, some spew racism, conspiracies.
Carol E. Lee and Anna Schecter
Fri, April , 2021, 3:30 AM

These people were very collusive in Jan.6th, Treasonous Terrorist Attack on American Democracy at the U.S. Capitol.

Trump has long planned the attempt at a Coup d'état !!!! he started as soon as he got in office, pushing disinformation about election, and setting up the insane series of meeting at Mar-a-lago. He brought in Bannon, and other Right Wing Racist, Bigots and Anti-Democracy Types, and the revolving door of the Cabinet position was nothing more than a pursuit for "Submissive Cultist", he spent 4 yrs trying to be a Dictator, ignoring Congress, and abusing and attacking every Department, Division, Agency and Organization of American Governance.

Too bad this site does not allow links: but Google This:
Why America is the World’s Most Uniquely Cruel Society
Or, How Punching Down Became a Way of Life
umair haque
Feb 19, 2018

It's give a good concept to why there has been so much chaos in America based on Race, and Country of Origin, and General Non White Ethnicity.


The good thing is, there are more Democracy Loving Americans than there are these Racist, Bigots, Anti-Government and the Illiterates of what is the Civics of American Democracy, they don't understand the Republic Form of Representative Governance ... So, they try to deny the fact that America is a Democracy that chose a Representative Form of Governance, which by definition is a Republic format of governing.
Which means, America is a Representative Governed Democracy.

I don't care much for willful ignorance and willful Illiteracy about Civics of American Democracy.

Those who always scream, "My Constitutional Rights" are often the most willfully ignorant.
They ignore the fact that "The Preamble' is the cause, reason and purpose of the Article of The Constitution, and its duty is to meet the principles and standard laid forth in The Preamble.

Trumpism is about "Authortarianism by Dictatorship" and that Dictatorship is based on the promotion of White Dominance, through White Nationalism... so the "America First "crap" was nothing more than a racist based whistle.

American has been involved in "Globalization since its creation of The Declaration of Independence. Those bigots and racist and other such types, are driven by a mentality grooming of "Attack Something". It does not matter what it is, their daily agenda is to "Attack Something". The whole agenda behind the creation of Right Wing Media, was designed to "Attack Liberal Policy and Liberal Principles".

See the more people come to learn and invest themselves to understand, they can see why there is such crazy types of the Right Winger, and the word Conservative is nothing more than a covert fictional term. It's about "Conserving the Confederate Styled White Nationalism", and when they say "Fiscal Conservative", it only means... block and stop funds from going to anything and anyone that does not fit the criteria of the historical white nationalist ideology. Truth is shown when Republican expand the debt at every time they are in office, they crash the economy and take back the gains the people had made, and then they give the wealthy a Tax Break, to ensure they have a motivation to try and deny funding public and social programs, but they never cut the subsidies to the wealthy Industry and Corporations.

This posting is basically informational... because people who engage these forum rarely engage subject matter of any type to any level.

One thing for sure that has been exposed is the widespread willful ignorance that exist in the White Nationalist and White Dominance agenda and the types who promote it and support it.
They are blind to the fact that what they support has no concern for "poor whites" and "working poor whites", they are considered as disposable collateral damage, used like pawns and foot soldiers... The exact same as The Confederacy, used them to protect the wealthy plantation owners and wealthy industrialist.
The Confederacy system of Republican has no concern for Economic Equilibrium among the masses, they will as they have shown, attack anything that has any design to help poor whites, working poor whites, minorities of any ethnicity, women and immigrants.

When immigrants come to America, they need to let go of the delusion of being thought of or seen as equal among right wing white society, and stop submitting themselves to supporting the same bigotry, bias and examples of racial divisiveness expecting that it will gain them the measure of being seen as equal among white nationalist. Do not diminish yourself in such ways!!!!
If you come to America, embrace the Liberal Policy, that embrace the principles of respecting Immigrants of all ethnicities.

Stop buying into media spin, and learn the history, learn the civics of American Democracy.... and if any come to America, come to join a Multicultural Society and to do so, leave your bias, bigotry, racism and classism and do not think that money can buy equality, its comes through one character and respect and integrity to respect and see others as "equals".

beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
4/17/2021 9:05 am

Be willing to "learn" and that is the first step to developing the ability to Understand.

"Shallow minds with short attention spans", is not a benefit to you!!!

Brevity is only beneficial when people have a scope of understanding of subject matter. otherwise, it can be misleading, and easily lead to mis understanding, by insufficient data to make an informed base of knowledge.

beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
4/17/2021 10:48 am

At some point people may learn to use forums to engage interactive dialog. Rather than thinking its some "desperation for a mate in sites often seen as if its a candy store".
More people get burned, looking at faces and bodies and making up a fiction in their mind, but never actually learning whom the other is.
some bring their racist ideology, choosing based on skin, when fact is... relationship will always come down to "Character" and "integrity"... and that supersedes, the shape of the body, the look of the face and the glib of surface level "make me laugh" fancy.

People create the relationship's that damage their lives, by their callousness of choosing based on surface level fiction of looks, or the chase of money, or the delusion of popularity.
Nothing wrong with seeing what one considers beauty and appreciating it, nothing working with liking the body mass, but if one has not and does not come to like and appreciate the personality, which should be representative of the character and the character should be representative of the integrity. None can know that, without communicating with and unto another through interactive engagement and exchange.

Step one. Keep your Money or Lack of Money, out of it!!!

Now, when it comes to Country, be it America or any other Country, what will matter is, "who you are" !!! and if you are one who cares to understand, then you will be one who cares to learn, and if you care to learn you will pursue and gather information. Then you can make an informed decision about a country.
But if the idea is only a chase for the want of thinking money will come easy, then one has made themselves foolish, and will get the results that is due to foolishness.

If the fiction is sx... then one will for sure let that portion of the body below the waist and above the knees, lead them into a spin, where they will wonder how dizziness consumed them.

Learn what is Governance!!! if one understands governance, they can learn how to effectively live in a system within a nation.

Is there perfect? NOPE... the only thing perfect is the nature of Gods created realisms, and it takes on many shapes, forms and composition, to be what it is. But as to the conduct of people, there is no perfect!!!

Many of the insurrectionist terrorist that attacked American Democracy, are steeped in an ignorance that is all consuming. They are what the bible warns mankind against. They chose "Savagery" as their living standards, and when one choose such, they devote themselves to savagery, and make of themselves 'Savages".

Definition of Savage:

1a: not domesticated or under human control : UNTAMED
b: lacking the restraints normal to civilized human beings : FIERCE,

America Democracy was/is designed for "The Educated Mind". It is why its facilitated through "Regulatory Governing Principles, Laws and Public Policy.

Any who cannot abide by and through these things, will find grave difficulty and high penalty wrapped in a cycle of struggles.

Now, if people took the time to search and read:
Why America is the World’s Most Uniquely Cruel Society
Or, How Punching Down Became a Way of Life
umair haque
Feb 19, 2018

Will understand how and why racism, bias, gender and ethnicity bigotry exist, will also learn why its important to not indulge in such.
It's matters that people learn what "We The People" means!!! it does not give America to any single race or ethnicity of people.
There is no such thing as "one culture in America"... the same as there is no "one culture within any country". There are people who have regional habits that have been adopted and within any regional areas all people do not adopt the same habits.
When it comes to discussion of "Tradition", one should think about "Principles" NOT Folklore.
Not all people within any country, embrace the claim of "Customs' the same.
So, these things tell us, its extremely high in importance, to respect, Individuals as Person.
Then, its easier to embrace the concept of 'We The People'.

beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
4/17/2021 12:23 pm

I've been at a loss for understanding, how people can come and read, but never find within themselves the willingness to interactively engage.

it's why this site has suffered from participation. there seems to be more "takers" than "contributors'. That is how and why many thing 'fail to perform to the level and standard that it could'.

So, those who complain about this site, which has been around for some time now, the problem is not the site. It's the unwillingness of people, to interactively engage exchange, or go in depth to discuss subject matter.

You only live once, if you fear your own thought, then you may find that you are going to learn less about yourself. If you have "nutcase" thoughts, then its probably better to keep them to yourself, until you can find the civility to express thoughts that deal with principles that don't harm and don't spin malice for the sake of malice.

it's the 21st Century, "The Age of Information" - if you have no spiritual interest in information, you only limit yourself, and you will not gain the potential you may tell yourself that you want.
Information is the source of gaining knowledge.

Do you truly know why your are here in these forums?
Is it for the entertainment to read others thoughts? (if that's your objective, then at least you know why you are here, whish can be a good thing)
Do you think to share but feel reluctant? if so, try and resolve within self why you have such reluctance, and it will be a step that helps you.

Many people I know, do not venture to discuss anything political, and that's their choice.
But in any society, it is the Politics which has impacts on your life and that of your environment.

I know some countries are harsh in trying to deny people the ability and the openness and accessibility to discuss politic of governance. If you live in such a country, then for the safety of yourself, its best not to discuss it in a public forum.

The young generation will gain more power as the years and decades come, and the old tyrants, the dictators and authoritarian's will die out as the decades come, and more liberty will come into society. With liberity, comes "Responsibility". and that Responsibility must be inclusive of "Respect for Civility"..

Intelligent and humanity respecting young people from wealthy and power holding families, will as many have and many more will continue to do, is the learn the damages that money and power has caused to the general society, many will come to find, that Life and Respect for Humanity and the Promotion of Civic and Civil participation is far more important than any single individuals obsession for money and power.

People have tried to dominate humanity for the Centuries of Life, and none have succeeded, none will succeed, because generation change, and these types who seek such, do not live forever, they can't take any money with them when they die out, and there is no power they can exercise within death.

Everyday, people are learning more about the Responsibility it takes to claim and choose any area of Freedom, whether it freedom to walk the streets, one has to be responsible not to disrespect others who walk the streets. there is no escape from "Responsibility', and the more people accept that fact, the more they will be Responsible about their choices in life and living.

beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
4/17/2021 12:26 pm

I write on various forums and the general format is the same, people engage through a lot of one liners, slap stick and pun's and such.

It's to many simply entertainment... but what ever they consider it to be... its "time" of ones life they expend.

The importance of "time" is the fact that it is... the life you are living!!!

beyondfantasy3 113M
4740 posts
4/22/2021 6:31 am

Some many or many not like postings of this type. It's basically an informational thought, hopefully that people will consider the "Civics" of any place they are considering visiting or moving to.

Human being will be human beings, but the Civics of any country matters, to be visitors and citizens.
This is important information for people who consider living to a location for engaging a mate.

I'd say "Research, Research, Research.... In countries, the same as in America, each state has a set of policies and laws. Then there is cities which has its ordinances so, the information one can gather can help them navigate their choices whether vacationing or moving.

Each time I visited a Foreign Country, I met women who advised me of policies, laws and customary habits.
Although I have a respect for the dignity of people, and respect for the integrity of society... its still was good information for me to know.